A living sculpture in progress…

Detail from the Biosphere project in progress.

Art project

We are confronted today by plastic pandemic of such magnitude that our very survival is at stake. Our fragile relationship with nature has reached a tipping point, necessitating action. The outbreak of the global Covid-19 epidemic has made us even more acutely aware of our both vulnerability and interconnectedness. Is it possible to see a… Read more »

Collection and cleaning of plastic waste. Photo Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup.


In a divided world with increasingly complex problems, Biosphere aims to foster the ‘art of partnerships’, promoting the collaboration of the international community with the aim of building bridges where needed.  Barkat’s aesthetic posthuman appeal has already been welcomed by DISSE, a Research Unit of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences Research Unit, at… Read more »

Earth from Space: Madagascar Jellyfish. Photo Courtesy of The European Space Agency.

Scientific research

Nomas Foundation, the Unit of Research Aesthetics in the Social (DiSSE) at Sapienza University of Rome, together with Beverly Barkat have envisioned the Biosphere project as a multi-disciplinary think-tank, inviting participation from engaged partners across all sectors of society. Nomas Foundation is a non-profit art foundation that has a long-standing record of supporting art projects… Read more »